Thursday, July 28, 2011

Surprise Breakfast

This morning I woke to the sound of the two oldest children shuffling about it the kitchen and conversing quietly. I stumbled in to see the table set with cups and plates, even complete with a centerpiece of flowers. They saw me and quickly shooed me out, explaining they were going to make breakfast. Praise asked about making scrambled eggs. Which I told her she couldn't because we only had 4 eggs. They would have to figure out something else.

So I went back to my quiet time, and listened ever so often, smiling to myself, hearing them figure out a plan on how to do it and what they needed. I couldn't hear everything over the noise of kitchen work and still couldn't figure out what they were planning.

The two youngest kids were sleeping still, same with the puppy. Everything was going along pleasantly until suddenly the brawl of the year broke out. I had trouble breaking it up. One went stomping away red faced with nostrils flaring, the other stayed behind teary and upset. Cookbooks opened, preparations half done, a messy table.. counter ..stove!…uggh. And what was it the two were beginning to make? French toast? …Pancakes? ….Muffins even? …
No, they had decided to make Sushi rolls. Yes, Sushi rolls for breakfast.

So, as I made this discovery, Things got pretty hectic. Seanny, Gracey and the puppy woke up. So I had a morning diaper and puppy potty time to deal with, a hungry Gracey, two fighting children and a disorderly kitchen. Oh boy! We eventually got it worked out. Praise took care of the puppy, Seanny and Grace ate some dry toast and orange pieces to hold them over for the upcoming sushi feast, while Seamus and I got to work.

What started out nice, with a giant explosion-- actually ended well. I was able to have some wonderful one on one time with Seamus and teach him how to roll Nori and we all had a treat we haven't had in a long time.

After we were stuffed with Sushi, the two brawlers made up and it ended with smiles and hugs.

And here is the link to the post with the recipe:

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