Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sushi Rolls

Here is the recipe for the infamous Sushi Rolls from breakfast the other day. 

They came out the best we've ever made them, and they're not too hard to do. You definitely need a sushi mat for rolling, which are a very inexpensive kitchen utensil.

here is a link for the best deal I could find:
 Think Bamboo Sushi Rolling Kit, 2 mats and rice paddle - green slats w/ skin

You'll need:
6-8 sheets of Nori seaweed
2 cups sushi rice
sweetener of choice (optional)
Sesame oil
White rice Vinegar

1 carrot
1 cucumber or zucchini or both
4 eggs
Braggs Liquid Aminos

Cook the rice and get your veggies cut and peeled into long long thin strips

after the rice is finished:  add a dash (approx a Tablespoon) to taste of
Sesame oil, white rice vinegar, and agave nectar to taste (sugar would be just fine too) to the rice and mix well.

set it aside to cool.

beat 4 eggs with salt, pepper, a tsp of water and a tsp of Braggs Liquid Aminos (or soy sauce)
pour the eggs into a heated oiled frying pan.
let the eggs cook over med - med low heat with out scrambling,  just let them cook into the shape of the pan, and flip to get them cooked on both sides, then take the disc out and cut into long thin strips.

set everything out in front of you. You will need a bowl of water for sealing the nori and getting the sticky rice off you fingers.

Place the nori on the bamboo roller with the shiny side down. Place a handful/ thin layer of rice on the bottom 2/3 of the nori. Lay pieces of veggies and egg with-ways in the center of the rice. Pat a little water on the edge of the nori to help it seal well. Then roll the nori tight with the mat until it is at the end. Tuck the rolled edge of the nori under the filling, pull the roll tightly to seal.
I recommend searching on you tube how to roll sushi.

When the rolls are finished slice them into thin discs with a very sharp knife using a gentle back and forth sawing motion. Keep a damp towel nearby to periodically wide the knife to keep it clean. and Serve.

We like to eat them with wasabi, chili garlic sauce, the liquid aminos or sweet and sour sauce, We also like Asian sesame ginger  and sometimes all of them.

I learned how to make these from a Korean exchange student that lived with my parents. I've changed some of the ingredients so its probably not as super 'authentic' as some sushi fanatics would like. We just like to have a fun healthy meal. Enjoy!

p.s. I'll never figure out how the kids thought they could make this all on their own, having never even helped me with them before..... the pictures are taken after the craziness of the morning. :)
and if your interested in our crazy morning you can read Surprise Breakfast
UPDATE (Feb 2nd 2013): When we had this surprise breakfast a few years ago, all we had was regular rice. We did what we do when we don't have the right ingredients, just made do and made it anyway. I've been using regular rice on these forever now, not making them very often, and even though they were still delicious, I was increasingly frustrated with how they would roll and fall apart. So I have recently bought a 25 pound bag of organic white sushi rice and more nori sheets. What a difference in the way they roll out and stick together they are beautiful.
We have been making them a lot now.
Also I haven't been adding any sweetness to the rice just about a few tsp of the rice vinegar and a tsp of sesame oil. If you really squish the rice down in a wide thin area they will come out perfect. Sometimes I also saute the carrots a little in some braggs amminos to soften them slightly.
We love them so much, a great thing to just have in the fridge to snack on. 
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