Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Family Update for May

The month of May has been very busy and eventful for us:

The biggest news is finally closing on our long awaited house. Such an amazing miracle to get the place that perfectly suits the life we want to establish for such a great price. Truely the Lords hand was in this to provide everything we needed litterally down to the last dollars on closing day.

Homeschool art show at the library, we misplaced all the kids art for the year when we moved. So, we had two weeks of art bootcamp in order to have some things to submit. The week after the art show I found all of the missing art....go figure.

Sean loves to help.
 He totters between being a big boy
and being a baby depending on the day.
Thankfully he remains fully potty trained
even on his baby days. 

Praise has been showing incredible talent in polymer clay sculpture and showed an interest in learning to make jewelry. To continue to encourage her we ordered the appropriate tools and she has been taking online tutorials to learn the techniques. She's made her own little business and I helped her open an Esty shop last month. If you haven't seen her work yet you can go to to see the amazing job she does.
I had so much fun learning right alongside her that day we recieved her new tools in the mail.

 Jamie has been bringing unplained cedar home from the mill and making fun things, big chuncky benches for outside in the gardens. And more wood to make farm fences and a chicken coop. I'm so excited about it.

 Gracey turned 7 last week and we made her a feast with all her favorite foods; fiddleheads, clams, lobster bisque, corn on the cob and we couldn't forget tater tots.
She recieved another stuffed animal for her birthday, this one is special.

I frequently let Praise choose her own reading asignments for Language Arts. Boy, didn't this mom feel proud when she choose to read out of The Complete Works of Shakespeare.
And she loves it, shes on her second comedy!
and this is why she likes them:
"The characters of Shakespeare's plays are like little strings that he wove together
until they are all in one big knot."

My Garden space. We were super blessed; the day we staked it out a man, we dont know, came over with his tractor and tilled it for us. Hopefully we can get some dry days again so I can go over it a few more times our rototiller before planting. 

The next pictures are of The Boys Club.  The Boys Club is a cool club where Daddy shows the boys how to build things and go on adventures. The girls decided they wanted to join too, they had a vote and still want it to be called the boys club. Every member of the club will get their own hammer for joining. The first project was to build a foot bridge for our brook. 

More pictures of the finished project to come.

After six months of good friends taking care of our puppy, we got her back last weekend.
We are all happy to have her back. Sean is the most excited about this and everything is right with the world again.

Hero husband remodeling the kitchen.

Before                                  and                               After

More changes to come in the kitchen but what a difference. I am enjoying cooking again and even dishes!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

some highlights of the last week

I started crocheting a little while ago, just making dishcloths and a couple of weeks ago I went on a mission trying to find a cloche hat pattern for myself (note the word myself). Well I found some great ones I used pinterest to gather my ideas. I was pleased when I finally finished. I had to take the thing apart at least three times, I even ended up improvising and changing brim.

I finished it on Friday, I put it on it was okay, but when I put in on Praise It was perfect.
Things always look better on her. I'm so glad she likes it.
Now I just get to make more and maybe there will be one for me someday.

Seamus and I made bagels on Saturday.

Our house only has a shower, Sean is a real trooper and will go in, but he doesn't like it.
So I set him up his own little tub the other day. It was so cute and picturesque.
I had to try to capture it.

This one is my favorite.

For two days we heard this yucky scratching noise from somewhere in the direction of our chimney. Whatever it was, it was big. Yesterday morning I figured that it might actually be coming from the chimney so I got brave and decided to open up the little chimney door. 
When I opened it saw that something big and dark was in there
I screamed and slammed the door again, like a little girl. 
My curiosity won out and I needed to find out what it was. So upon further investigation, I found a bird then discovered that it was a duck. A very frightened duck who, when released, ran/flapped about our house the kids chased him of course.  
After all that excitement the whole idea of schooling was generally rejected. We decided to have a duck day, take care of the duck and clean the house. The house looked great the kids were happy And later I even saw them choosing to do some educational things on their time off.

We researched the duck last night and discovered it was a female wood duck. She was most likely looking for a place to nest, as the width of the chimney is almost exactly the size needed for nest boxes. We let her go and are now going to work on building some nesting boxes on our soon to be property...and get a cap for that chimney once we buy the place.

 I love the natural interruptions of homeschooling.

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