Monday, October 15, 2012

Harvest Photos

Here are a few of my favorite photos from this summer and fall.
This is some of what we were doing when I was too busy to update my blog.
delicious strawberry jam making

Our first canning project of the year.

The children took part in a pumpkin growing contest this summer, the seeds were supplied by Johnny's Select Seed Company donated to our local greenhouse for kids to plant. There were several categories, my son won 1st place in judges choice and my daughter won third for smallest pumpkin.
Seamus' surprised face when he won 1st place in the judges choice category


My champion pumpkin growers.

Praise made two beautiful pies out of the award winning pumpkins.

Apple pie filling. yum.

While I was canning apple pie filling, Little G was dilligently making biscuits. This is a Daddy biscuit.

A leopard biscuit
We harvested rosehips at the ocean

Showing Grace how to can rosehip jelly

fun in the kitchen

Hot peppers grown in the garden.

Beautiful cob

corn, corn, and more corn


Last days in the garden:

We carved into the pumpkins when they were tiny, this is my son's that won 1st place.

In the weedy pumpkin patch


Going home with some of our abundance.

My tomatoes that only grew two red tomatoes,... maybe next year. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Gallon Guys and Organization

A few homeschooling mommies and I have joined up and created a Homeschool co-op, where we get our kids together twice a week for lessons, doing everything from math to Maine history to Spanish. This was one of the first lessons we did with the younger class "Gallon Guy and Gallon Girl". We were preparing for a field trip to an apple orchard and giving the kids an understanding of measurements.
 My middles really enjoyed seeing how cups, pints, quarts, and gallons fit together. My oldest son was so interested, we got home, he did a study all on his own of other measurements he could find from the largest, a tonne (also known as metric ton, which is 1000 kilograms), 
down to the smallest (the milligram which is 1/1000th of a gram,
or 1/1000th of a quarter of a teaspoon) and everything in between.

 He also decided to add to his Gallon Guy; gills (which are equal to half a cup), and ounces (4 ounces to every gill), and taught his little sister about gills and had her add them to her Gallon Girl. Notice her not-so-circular head? That's because she has a bun. 
 (I used the idea from a website of which I can't find, but do a google search on "Gallon Man" and tons will come up.)

Below is a picture of victory,

My homeschool closet.
This picture was taken a few days ago, after 1 1/2 months of use it still looks relatively the same as the day my husband built the shelves for me and everything was organized before the start of the school year, with the exception for a few loose papers and toys. 
What a hero he is for building those shelves!
Each kid has their own bin (second shelf from the bottom) to hold their everyday work; notebooks, current books they're reading, math books, their own pencil box, and anything else that pertains. Its been really nice to have it in one place. It has been a common occurrence in past years for them simply not to know where they left a certain book, it got pretty frustrating either having to hunt for a long time for the needed book or to have to come up with a replacement until the lost
book was found again, urghh!
They also each have their own three ring binder (on the next shelf up) that I put empty clear sheet protectors into. When the kids complete some notebooking or writing assignment, art, anything we file the paper in the sheet protector, in the section of the binder pertaining to the subject. Because, we don't do much workbook material its a great way to compile a beautiful portfolio of their work for the year. We've done the binders for several years now and the kids still enjoy going back and looking through what they worked on, its kind of like looking through a scrapbook. And its a great way for me to see that we are actually accomplishing things. At the end of the year when I need the most encouragement it really helps to see it all together.
I have a three drawer plastic thing on the bottom shelf for my own use where I can stash papers for filing later, lesson ideas, ect.
 Extra notebooks in one section, crayons and color pencils in a little tote, math manipulatives in a bin, a bin for different card games,... on and on,
and totally not school related; a place for video game controllers.
 I'm so excited to finally have a system to help things run more smoothly.
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