Monday, October 15, 2012

Harvest Photos

Here are a few of my favorite photos from this summer and fall.
This is some of what we were doing when I was too busy to update my blog.
delicious strawberry jam making

Our first canning project of the year.

The children took part in a pumpkin growing contest this summer, the seeds were supplied by Johnny's Select Seed Company donated to our local greenhouse for kids to plant. There were several categories, my son won 1st place in judges choice and my daughter won third for smallest pumpkin.
Seamus' surprised face when he won 1st place in the judges choice category


My champion pumpkin growers.

Praise made two beautiful pies out of the award winning pumpkins.

Apple pie filling. yum.

While I was canning apple pie filling, Little G was dilligently making biscuits. This is a Daddy biscuit.

A leopard biscuit
We harvested rosehips at the ocean

Showing Grace how to can rosehip jelly

fun in the kitchen

Hot peppers grown in the garden.

Beautiful cob

corn, corn, and more corn


Last days in the garden:

We carved into the pumpkins when they were tiny, this is my son's that won 1st place.

In the weedy pumpkin patch


Going home with some of our abundance.

My tomatoes that only grew two red tomatoes,... maybe next year. 


  1. Ah, I love your kids :) Did I tell you Gracie made a true-to-life teddy bear out of a tootsie roll the other day, and then made a rabbit out of the wrapper?

  2. I love them all! Especially the suntanned feet and rosehips! I love to see what your family is up to.


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