Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Monument

Why am I proud of this picture? I know it sounds weird and why should I be proud of dirty dishes towering over the sink area reaching a height taller than me? Because it represents something, it actually represents an accomplishment of a different kind.
I usually maintain the dishes and other house chores quite well (with children's help too) not perfect by any means but it gets done and that is good, but the week I let them go was also good. It was beginning to get very difficult for me to stop and enjoy things, when there is always a meal to put on the table and fifty other tasks its easy to get too busy. That week it was better to not do and it was a something I needed to be reminded of..... we got to accomplish some special things that I will not forget and the dish tower picture is a reminder,  a monument to what is more important.....
 We were given a turkey to raise, we didn't have a place to put her because the chickens would be all mean and gang up on poor Thanksgiving. She would just free range, that was fine at first until we started stepping in the presents she left behind all over the yard. Also the turkey grew fond of Little G and would spend the whole time She was suposed to be schooling, right next to her on the other side of the glass door. G Girl was completely unable to accomplish any work for she was overcome with the turkey's cuteness and could not concentrate, poor thing.

I didn't want to clean anymore shoes, we needed a solution. Good fences make good turkeys.

Big Brother and I printed off dog house plans and planned to start building the following Monday for school.

It took us about 12 hours to complete, working for 2 or three hours everyday of that school week. We rounded up a bunch of scrap lumber from Daddy's stash to piece it together. Big Brother did all the measuring, I learned how to use a skill saw and cut what he measured. Then neither of us having ever built anything, struggled with it and figured it out together. Starting out with screws went well but we quickly ran out after the floor was put together, so it was one nail at a time after that.
It took much motivation and patience which at times did not sound like motivation or patience at all.
What a special time we had.

When the week was over Hubby got to teach Big B how to shingle the roof
with some extra we had. So not one dime was spent and Thanksgiving got a nice new home.

We built a door and placed a nice fence around it...
And Yes, every night I still find myself shoving that big turkey in the hole to keep her safe, she has yet to ever go in on her own (but I its just for a little longer).  

In the spring he will teach him how to cedar shingle to give it siding.
What were the other kids doing that week you ask? No worries there was industry
going on inside too. Praise was preparing for her first upcoming craft fair and making jewelry like crazy, I would jump in and help with some wire cutting when I came in after building. Little G was painting, reading and also making some earrings of her own to sell.
Little Buddy was mostly "helping" outside with the building project.

We ended that special week with her first craft fair (mine too) that Saturday. She did so well.
If you want to see some of her work she has an Etsy shop:
I am so proud of the people my children are becoming. And so thankful for the flexibility of homeschooling. And the refresher course that its okay to drop the textbooks, math and writing assignments.... and the dishes, and the laundry, ...yes, and even the picking up once in a while, in order to gain real life skills and memories that will last our entire lives.
Just spending that time together was such a gift. That was something I was forgetting in the big scheme of things that sometimes-- to not do is needed.
So once again, a bigger version this time, here is my photographic monument to 'not doing' 
and I am proud of it. 
I do have to admit that I took the picture after cleaning the area just a tiny bit, but I wish I hadn't!

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  1. Love this! What do they say- clean home, unhappy kids? Messy home, happy kids?


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