Saturday, January 5, 2013

We're Finally Getting Eggs! and some chicken pictures

At breakfast all was quiet and I proudly announced that every egg the children were eating were from our own chickens! We had some saved up and had gotten 4 more this morning, so we had a big bunch of fresh scrambled eggs and toast.

Little Buddy got excited and told us how his chicken had laid some.
G Girl in her usual corrective manner began explaining to him, "Buddy, you know your chicken is a rooster and roosters are boys and boys don't---"
Little Buddy quickly becoming agitated and defensive, loudly interrupted her proclaiming--"Puff lays eggs!--He lays golden eggs!"
G Girl being a young woman of science was not going to accept this absurdity. There was a brief moment of yelling and the argument of the week almost ensued but it was quickly thwarted by my asking Little G to relax and let him believe that Puff lays eggs for a little longer...."he'll learn about that eventually", I told her.
G Girl, folding her arms in disgust, scowled at Little Buddy then went back to her plate.
Little Buddy looked back to his plate smiling to himself as he began eating again, in his eyes he had won....
And peace was once again restored to the breakfast table.

As I thought about this funny little event today its reminded me about the long wait to get those precious eggs and how I haven't shared any of the pictures of the process from when it all started... last spring with the homeschool project of incubating eggs, candling them, making charts on the progress (or lack there of) on each egg, the waiting for hatching day...the building of the chicken coop.... So here are a few pictures of our journey with our chickies so far.

the chicks inside made their little pip holes 
waiting ....f  o  r  e  v  e r r r  !!!!

                                                                                       Our first chick Fluffy

This was one of the next chicks it needed a little help,
she made it, and is now one of our layers (who we named Omlet).


So soft

Big Sister took such care of her chick Iris,
kept her with her letting it keep warm under her hair
or in her sweatshirt. Later we found out he is a rooster, his name was changed to Prince.

Fluffy growing up 
The chicks about a month old dusting and resting in my herb garden.

The day we bought our bantams, Little Buddy with his favorite chicken whom he named Puff 

Big Sister reading schoolwork with her Bantam named Jasmine

 Nature Girl with Puff the famous golden egg laying bantam rooster.

The building of the chicken coop was quite a mid summer project,  we had a lot of little helpers.
I also have to mention no cost was involved, all of the lumber was given to us  from the scrap pile at the lumber yard my husband was milling, every nail, screw, and  even the hinges were all here at our house when we bought it.


I love Little Buddy's construction uniform

the chickens waiting to go in there new home. 

The door handle
The finished chicken coop in the snow.

 Puff in the front, and yet another rooster in the back round, Pharaoh
 chicken and turkey houses side by side

The kids with the three Plymouth rocks we have we named them all  Pepper because we can't tell them apart.


Thank you for coming and reading, I look forward to hearing from you.

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