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These are a wonderful standby in our house. I love making them and everyone loves eating them, they are a quick healthy cost effective meal. And if I ever get to open up my little summer Mexican eat-out place, this recipe will be the first thing on the menu.

The possibilities are endless with these, I usually make them the day after I cooked a some kind of meaty meal, and the left over meat gets cut up and put in the quesadillas. This particular batch was made from leftover bbq ribs I had made the night before, which didn't come out as tender as hoped (A common problem with me) so there was a lot leftover, perfect for a quesadilla feast.

This recipe is one of those that does not have measurements, a little bit of this a little bit of that:
You will need:
Tortillas-- I've found that homemade tortillas come out a little too crunchy to my liking for these I get the store bought, makes it a whole lot quicker also.
Cheese-- a mexican blend of cheddar and monteray is best, but in a pinch anything goes.

and can add any of the following:

any meat cooked and cut in pieces
cream cheese
green chilis
green onion
etc..... use your imagination

I get out all my ingredients and do any necessary chopping.

Start by heating your skillet on med -med low, lightly oiled
Place a thin layer (approx 2 Tbs) of cream cheese on the whole surface of one tortilla, this is optional but oh so good!

and place it on the heated skillet. Then proceed to add a handful of cheese and any other things you want, (this batch was bbq ribs, green chilis and salsa) evenly spread so there's a little bit of something for every bite.
Top with another light sprinkle of cheese for the top tortilla to stick.


Place your top tortilla on and flip. Let the next side brown and melt while you prepare your next tortillas with cream cheese. 
When they are golden and crispy, remove and place on a cutting board.
A pizza cutter works beautifully for cutting.

Repeat until you have enough and serve plain or with the works; salsa, sour cream and guacamole.
One package of tortillas will make 4 and would feed our family for a meal.
I usually make more, we love leftovers.

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  1. It is a good thing I just ate, cause this blog would have made me VERY hungry... It looks so good - love the pictures and the step by step instructions - It makes me want to start cooking!!


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