Saturday, March 16, 2013

Little Buddy's new hat

I've been crocheting more. Its something to accomplish as I sit in the car, or listening to kids read aloud, while watching an occasional movie. Its nice to finish things. 
 My little buddy asked me to make him a hat. I was just going to do a regular hat when I remembered the picture of the bearded hat I've seen online. I couldn't resist trying it.
I used these patterns:

I liked the design of the hat but had to make a few changes, instead of joining each row together with slip stiches I just kept going in a continuous circle, so a seam wouldn't show, for some reason the hat was way too small that way. So I redid it and used the teen pattern, it came out a little bigger than I hoped but he'll grow into it.
I also changed the way I attached the beard to the hat, I foresaw my little guy not really liking the beard to much so I wanted to be able to remove it easily, I attached buttons on the inside of the hat as shown below. It allows the beard be adjustable this way.


  As I expected, when he first tried it on he made it very clear that he doesn't like the beard. I don't mind a bit, It was very easy and quick to make (once I figured out the bobble stitch), it was fun to put together and just too darn cute to resist. I was glad he let me have my little moment so I could take pictures.
  Jamie described it perfectly:

"A lesson in love for us, Sean wore his new hat for mama when she finished it (Even though he said to himself, 'Me hates beards'.), we had to pose for mama with our chainsaws together so she could get a picture of us. A lesson in love for us, for our mama as we both said, 'Yes mama, well do it'. Even though Sean 'hates beards' and Daddy 'hates poses'!"

 After a quick shave.

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