Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Morning on the Farm

I woke up to the strangest chicken noises in the backyard, it almost sounded as if they were trying to form a quartet in the coop. All I could picture was our three Peppered Chicken Sisters, sitting on their roost in a line each singing a different note, "BOOOp", "Baaap", "BOPE"... continually, with someone else, probably Puff, in the background making a beat with his constant clucking.

Puzzled but not alarmed, I walked to the bathroom, almost stepping in what I immediately concluded to be chick poop. And there was Egor, our little hunchback chick, who could only run in circles to the right as I tried to catch him, because of his disfigurement. I picked him up scolding him, as I walked him to the brooder (which is in our living room). Placing him in the brooder I noticed only four chicks, and the brooder light out. What? I looked up.

All I saw was chickens, miniature chickens, all over my living room walking on the rug, peeping on the tile by the sliding glass door, sitting on my coffee table.


I spent the next fifteen minutes catching/finding the chicks scattered around the downstairs as Jamie cleaned up the chick poo in the bathroom and got himself ready. Counted the chickens, we were missing a few. I quickly made Hubby his lunch as he searched and found the missing banty sleeping in a shoe. I sent him off with a kiss, then spent the next 45 minutes hunting around for more chicks and droplets of chick poo, cleaning them up. I changed the brooder light and counted them....13... I know we either had 14 or 15.

I then woke up my nature girl, who I knew could help me, she who is normally not an early or sunshiny riser, was very compliant. She quickly determined the little salt and pepper chick was definitely missing.
We hunted around and even prayed for the little thing. Nature Girl finally found it in big brother's room. She asked me, "next time we have a chicken emergency -- please wake her up right away next time, because she is an expert chicken catcher and finder".

So now there are 14 found chicks, I hope that's all we have, I wish I could remember.

Two days later,  our fifteenth chick was found alive and happy to be rescued. The kids heard the chirping coming from behind the couch. So we did have fifteen.

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  1. I would have been just like Gracey and would want to be woken up what ever time if here were animals involved


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