Friday, June 28, 2013

Spring Pictures Update

Its dark and rainy outside, while I wait for my dry beans to process in the canner; while my kids do their math for the day, yes they are studying math through the summer this year; I will share a few pictures.
Summer has been slow coming here to Downeast Maine. We've just started feeling warm weather about two weeks ago. So even though July is just around the corner, spring was not too long ago here for us.
The first batch of chicks that hatched in April, growing.

Math in front of the woodstove with a crown of coltsfoot flowers (the first flowers of spring) made by her big sister.
Fairy houses made by barefoot kids, excited to finally feel some warmth after a long winter.

The new chicks were introduced to the big chickens, and integrated into the coop quite easily.

Chickens, chickens and more chickens.

I love the color in this photo.

mini kid-sized camp fire made by my nature girl

Chicken lover.

Copywork on a rock
Family target practice with bb guns, bows and arrows and you cant forget water guns.

Mr. and Mrs. Moss
The kids called me outside one afternoon and this is what I found. Nature dress-up? I don't know 
but a good opportunity for some funny pictures of my favorite people.

New glasses
Oatmeal Volcano!!!

Our first successful hatch all on her own! Our bantie, named Lemon, labored for 21 days and it paid off! 6 out of 7 hatched perfectly. She's a wonderful mother too. It is amazing to see her take such care of these tiny motors that zip around peeping constantly.

Now we have 26 chickens.
This one is named Silver.
 Making a cake completely on her own for the first time. She made a lemon cake.
 (don't look at the messy kitchen :) )

Kids in the lupine and a view of our garden in the back round
Dirty clothes,
Dirty fingernails,
Dirty feet and shoes,
Complaining children,
Cranky momma,
Buckets, shovels and poop,
Sore muscles,
Sun headache,
Too many weeds,
Too many deer,
No fence.

And I call this fun year after year.

Planting corn.
More corn.
What helpers I have this year! They are amazing little garden workers, most of the time.

In these pictures the kids are scattering white clover seeds as a green manure crop in between the rows. I did this for a few reasons: so I don't have to weed and to deter the deer from eating what we plant (this may backfire by attracting the deer but I think backwards sometimes).


All planted!!!

The future greenhouse, more work to be done.

My Jamie picking me flowers.


Now, to enjoy summer!


  1. I love it all! Your photographs are so beautiful and I love how very unique your family is!

    1. I always love what you guy are up to too!


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