Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week in Photos: birthday week, raining days, kites, food and new floor.

This week was my birthday week. My sweet mommy came to visit. We've been having a nice time, other than the fact that she's been on crutches, after she hurt her knee falling on our deck after the rainstorm we had. Please pray she heals up quickly.
Don't you love when you leave the nice clean laundry on the line and
 then it pours for a day and a half!

Cherries were on sale last week, I bought about 10 pounds. I've never canned them, so the beginning of the week I used my new red tattler lids to try it.

For the "syrup" I used 7 cups of apple juice and approx. 1/2 cup of honey boiled it and added the cherries to blanch them for 5 minutes before canning. Drained the liquid, packed the jars, then added the liquid and processed them for the appropriate time, in hot water bath.
It made 7 pints and I ended up with a little extra juice that I made some jelly out of.
Unfortunately two of my jars didn't seal. But that was great because my youngest daughter and I made cheesecake with cherry topping for my birthday cake. It came out so good.
We had a beautiful day after the rain and enjoyed the lake
My mom and I

This is my favorite picture from that day.

I was really happy when I was looking for clams this week and the guy we would normally get them from didn't have any. I got off the phone and not five minutes after a friend of the families from church said he wanted to give us some! They were so good, we had so many steamed clams and then shucked the rest and fried them.
Kissing the clams. (For fun)

We steamed them with seaweed in ocean water, they were the most flavorful I have ever had.
We ate them with sushi rolls, my new addiction.

here's the link to my basic recipe for the sushi
Sean has been enjoying his new friend all week (my mom's dog, Tucker)  
Its amazing how you get used to things around you, that you look at every day. They become a part of your life and you don't realize what they actually look like after a while.

When we moved in the house, it had been abandoned for several years. We had quite the adventure with no running water for a time and much cleaning up to do.  We saw the potential of the place more than the mess. We had to remove most of the flooring, the dining room didn't have one. So we have been contentedly living with this hideous sub-floor for over a year now!


I was over the top blessed with some birthday money, and really prayed about what to do with it. The floor need came to mind. My Mother watched the kids while Jamie and I had a date to go pick out flooring, We picked up enough to do our kitchen and dining room, and perhaps the small bedroom downstairs! We came home and got to work on the dining room.

in progress

I just love before and after pictures! It is a new room! I can't believe it. We have some trim work to do now and finish the kitchen floor.


  1. I am loving the new floor!!! And the photo of your daughter with the sky above is my fave, too :) What a special way to spend your birthday week. And you are continuing to make me feel curious about canning.... :)

  2. Oh, do you have a sushi roll recipe you would share?

    1. I added this same link to the post, its the basic recipe I use.

  3. It has been a great week, I love you all so much!!! Mae


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