Saturday, July 20, 2013

Week in Photos: yummy salad, good friends, completed outhouse, and a finished sock.

 We had a very blessed week of good friends visiting, wonderful weather for a lot of swimming time at the ocean, just nice and relaxing.
I've been wanting to do more frequent family updates. At the same time, a friend Shannon started a weekly photo post, Snapshot Saturday, on her blog and invited me to join her. I decided I would as much as I am able. At the bottom of this post is a linky thing to the other blogs that are doing this, if you want to join in you can attach your link at the bottom or in the comments. I think it will be a good way to cherish the little things, keep in touch and get to know each other better. 

 I threw this salad together and it was so yummy. I have to share it, I used left over grilled chicken, along with left over roasted potatoes and carrots, onto a bed of baby spinach, sliced tomatoes, a few dilly fiddles, sprinkle of moz cheese, and tossed in Italian dressing. Yummy.

The following bunch of pictures is what you get when you let an eight year old use go out and use the camera on her own, there were several hundred pictures like these, I kept the best ones. I was actually quite impressed:

We put in a raised bed a few weeks ago close to the house which is doing so much better than my big garden. Nature Girl planted it for me. The seedlings came up this week:

Swiss chard
Purple podded beans

dragon carrots

We had wonderful old friends, brothers and sisters in the Lord, come visit and camp on our property last weekend. We had good food, good, fellowship and good fun. There were 14 kids here, with our three families combined, they all had a great time getting to know each other again. At the end of the visit, saying goodbye was precious, boys crying and girls putting there hands out of the van windows, to say in sniffly voices, "Goodbye, see you next year!" We decided we will try to make it a yearly tradition.

my favorite 
My Little Buddy kept telling me, "Me loves my new friends."

Kid powered four wheeler
We built this out house just for this occasion, having 20 people using one small bathroom seemed like it could be a problem. Instead of renting a gross port-a potty, that no one wants to use, we decided this would be a better investment of our time and money. I love how it came out, its pleasant to be in, not creepy. When I was a kid and my family first moved to Maine
that's all we had for while, so it brings back childhood memories.  

driftwood door handle...
And we just had to make it a two seater, for fun.
Some other random photos from throughout the week:

Shelling lobster for freezing; Downeasters freeze lobster in milk so we can enjoy it in
chowder in the winter.
 The lovely Lily bouquet Jamie brought home for me helped me cheer up that day.

Exploring our brook.

Best buddies.

I started learning how to knit socks, started my first about a month ago, just finished on Thursday, maybe in another month I'll have a matching pair!   
Blessed summer days:
Have a blessed week!




  1. I'm so glad you joined the blog hop! LOVED all your pictures. Your 8yo takes some great pictures! I loved the kid powered four wheeler. How great that you built an outhouse. We had a party at our place a couple years ago and oh how I wish we would have had something like that! Thank you for sharing. I loved all your photos!!

    1. Thank you, I'm glad I made time to join up with you two, I'm enjoying yours too. What a fun way to share our weeks.

  2. Aura, you have such a special home. Every time I see your photos, I always want to just jump in the car and come hang out. It's a place for sweet memories to be made, I can tell. You also have the spectacular way of an artist with everything you do, from the photos you share to the driftwood door handle! You have the first super-chic outhouse ever on earth!!!! Oh my goodness. I remember seeing you in the art room at school years ago, and I'm so happy to see you still creating art in your life. I'm so wishing I had chickens, can I just tell you!? They are adorable!!!!! And your kid-photos are great - a talented kiddo, like mom! Thanks for sharing your week :) Can't wait to see more!

    1. Thanks so much! Anytime you want to jump in the car and take a day trip Downeast you are welcome to. :)


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