Thursday, August 15, 2013

Photo Update: 1st 1/2 of August

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, my corn is only knee high.
We've been busy. Between finding baby animals, harvesting berries, canning,  home improvements and preparing for school to start; August is flying by.
Mint meltaways --candy Praise made.

 The best breakfast pizza, someday I'll post a recipe.

Cuddling with a rooster, have chickens ever been so loved?

A small start to my Back to Eden garden: I raked up all the crap (literally) around the chicken pen and accomplished two things at once; clean up the chicken yard and get great compost/mulch for the gardens. It was enough to cover one of the small raised beds close to the house and most of my tomato plants in buckets.

I love looking at this, such nice stuff.

Happy beans which I thought were bush beans, but turned out to be pole. oops.

Just mulched tomatoes.


When we first moved in and now..... I am so blessed!

Here's another before picture, right before we put the new floor in.
I am all Amens and Hallelujahs about seeing the red floor gone!


So we did it, finished the dining room/kitchen floor. We had enough (down to the last board) to also cover the sub-flooring in the downstairs small bedroom. I'm so glad that salesman roped us into those 2 extra boxes --to account for the 10% waste, which wasn't waste at all.

A sushi feast with friends.
These are the days she will miss when school begins.

Frogs: The perfect play thing, who needs toys...or ipads?

Muscle feast with different wonderful friends. This is the first time I've had them I made an herbed garlic butter to dip them in. I think I like them better than clams. 

This is pectin (hopefully) dripping from this t-shirt bag I made. We went out and picked green apples, enough to fill a large canner. covered them with water, boiled them to mush. strained them over night and cooked them and cooked them until it was the proper consistency. It made a gallon. I'm hoping it will work and will be trying it tomorrow when I make blueberry jam.  I'm sick of spending 4+ dollars for a box of pectin. I researched it and here is a good link to read more about making it:

We raked some blueberries on Monday.

Here we devised our own winnowing device to try to separate the blueberries from the leaves and grass. It worked very well getting at least 3/4ths of the field debris out.

After blowing the most we could out. Still more work to be done though Oh how I wish we had access to a real machine.
We cleaned the rest out by floating them in water and picking it out,
 probably not the best way but easier than picking through each handful.
By the way if anyone as a better way of doing this please give me some pointers in the comments.

Also Monday night we found a baby red squirrel hiding in the entry way of the house. We leave the door open and we think it just wandered in. We let it outside that night and in the morning it was crying at our door it was pretty weak and hungry and just let me pick it up. Little G's dream come true to take care of one.

The book below, The Complete Care of Orphaned or Abandoned Baby Animals, we found second hand years ago and just in the last few weeks it has really come in handy. Two weeks ago the kids found a tiny scrawny kitten in our yard, definitely abandoned, we have been taking care of that. (Sorry no pics of the kitty.) And now this little squirrel baby. We found out its a pretty common thing for the father squirrels to throw the babies out of the nests also read how they make wonderful "temporary pets".  We determined it is probably about 5-6 weeks old. Its taken very well to eating for us, definitely not ready for solids yet. It surprisingly likes to be with people and we are happy to help this little thing. We will help it be released back into the woods as soon as it is ready.

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  1. Oh Love his blog, wonderful stuff, feels like fall is coming...I bet a local blueberry farmer could give advice, but little fingers can pick through them too, I did it for hours with cranberries (they will be next) ... hope the kitty is doing good, Gracey does remind me of ME!! I'll be interested to see how the pectin works do you store it and use it??


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