Wednesday, September 11, 2013

End of Summer Update

Well the busy/lazy days of summer are far spent. We've already lit our wood-cook stove for the first time of the new heating season and even cooked on it. The children have been successfully registered as homeschoolers and have begun their daily routine.  The homeschool honey moon has already worn off. We even found our first fall leaves this morning. This photo update is well over due.
The following pictures are of our adopted baby red squirrel. It made a very good "temporary"
pet. And what a sweet learning experience the kids had taking care of it.
eating its first solid food, banana
I was amazed at how tame and sweet with us it was, very dependent too more than you would expect.
Notice the little squirrel tail hanging out of his pocket? It like to find closed up places and go to sleep there. He was very gentle.
We had read that even after being with humans a baby squirrel will be adopted or received back with other squirrels quite easily. One day there was big squirrel really going crazy on our roof, We thought it might be the mom. I decided to see if it would take the baby, I climbed up and put the baby on the roof and after much running around with the two squirrels, the mom started jumping from the roof to  tree repeatedly. The baby wouldn't jump. Finally the mom grabbed the baby in her mouth and jumped, they ran down the tree together and ran off into the woods. It was sweet.
The kids were glad too.

We love our bantie family.

catching frogs, I found this big spider web.

The best dressed frog catcher I know.

Daddy made him this gun.

that classic blue light or bluefaced as Jamie would say.

homemade fresh picked blueberry pancakes

She loves everyone of them and praises them for laying such beautiful eggs for us.

Sissy made cookies!

My favorite!

Kid's photos:
the three peppered sisters

our brook

one of those beautiful eggs

love my purple podded beans

making rainbows

making rain
 Clipping wings. I don't like those naughty birds flying out and eating my tomatoes!

Homeschoolin' it! -Again.

Hermit crab brought home for the kids from a day lobstering

God bless you!


  1. Your photos are just beautiful!! I loved the glimpses of everyday moments. That baby squirrel was just precious!! I love your blog and can't wait to read along!! Thanks so much for stopping by Chaos & Coffee! Have a blessed day :)

    1. Thanks so much Amanda! I'm sorry I have only now found your sweet comment, I am glad to get to know you as I follow along with your blog as well :)


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