Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Apple picking, Cider pressing, Jelly and New pink Tattler lids

Last week we were busy partaking in an art festival at the local Christian school. We had a great time seeing different artists come in and share their craft. The kids doing many hands on activities from dance to woodworking to pottery. Oldest Daughter taught a classes on polymer clay and I did a day with paper making. The kids got a taste for regular school life and I got a taste
 for working mom life--All I have to say is:
 Kudos (praise and honor received for an achievement) to all you working moms!
You are amazing, I don't know how you do it!!
This is the first chance I have gotten to share about our apple expeditions from two weeks ago.
The fields are burning around here with beauty.We have been enjoying the foliage which is quickly leaving us and we made it just in time for the last of the apples.
My oldest son took most of the pictures on our apple picking day, while I was beating trees and getting 4 ft. sticks stuck in my hair crouching under unkept hundred year old trees to retrieve apples. Sweating and itching and ... they were eating and exploring, climbing and finding. They did help a lot especially in the end when I was getting cranky. It was a great day.

We came home and got to work to make our apples into cider, with a press our friends generously let us borrow. What fun!

The kids did all the work for this. So what was I complaining about?

And the cider? Nothing like anything you have ever tasted from a store!

Our friends whom we borrowed the press from pick hundreds of pounds of apples a year just for pressing cider and freeze it so they can have it through the winter.

We picked about 50 pounds of apples and ended up with close to two gallons of cider.

We picked these lovely crab apples and what goes better with bright pink crab apple jelly than bright pink canning lids?

As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I found out that Tattler Lid was running this special for pink lids, and 35% of all proceeds go to Munson Medical Center Women's Cancer Fund. I found out about this fundraiser through Tattler and missed the deadline to officially participate. But I still wanted to, I needed more lids so I bought them. I love the pink and that such a generous amount of my purchase went to a great cause and am glad I that there is still half the month left to share about the fundraiser :) So again I haven't received anything from Tattler, I just really love this product.

I used this recipe : from the National Center for Home Food Preservation. I'm usually all worried about adding too much sugar to my jelly and trying all these ways to naturally sweeten my jelly but this time I just followed the recipe and guess what happened? It actually came out right!!! My first jelly that is amazingly perfectly jelled.

I can't give following the recipe the only credit though; I received some great jelly making advice from a real farm girl friend who has transformed my jelly making ways. Part of my problem is knowing when the jelly is done because that drippy spoon method does not work for me. My friend Rhonda, at Wild Wind Farm (to visit her fb page) told me to just keep a saucer in the freezer, drip some jelly on it and stick it back in the freezer to cool it down and then run my finger through it. If it stays separate then I know it is done. If not wipe the saucer clean stick it back in the freezer and cook a while longer. Also make sure not to make jelly on a wet or rainy day because boiling sugar in the rain or moist day it grabs moisture from the air and the sugar can crystallize because of it.

You can click here: Women's Cancer Fund for more information, on the fundraiser for this October.
I also have a more detailed post about how to use these reusable canning lids you can read about it here:

I was able to make 12 pints, every jar sealed beautifully. Love it when that happens.

I love these fall days!

Be sure to hop over to this farm girl bloghop.


  1. You jelly is award winning!! Beautiful and clear...such a great color and pretty lids with a pretty purpose!! Awesome! Dont you just love all the blessings that each season brings? God is good!!

  2. Hi Aura! Your jelly is beautiful! I featured this post on Farmgirl Friday this week! Thank you for sharing with us!

    1. What an honor! Thank you, and thank you for sharing it.


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