Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Little Things

It's the little things that I love, they are the things that stay with me, over the loads of dishes and mountains of laundry, little conversations, little smiles, little moments.

 Watching my daughter with her bunnies, so much love....

....crafts and music together

"The best beans; are jelly beans. --They are the only beans I like" --S

 ....Starting our seeds on a warmish kind of day

While waiting for dinner...
"I want you to eat so much food so you get big and fat and get another baby,"
Little buddy proclaimed. "I remember when I was in Mommy's belly."
"What was it like in there?" I ask.
He responds, "It was dark.... and slobbery...because there was guts. And then there was Momma's blood...and yucky food...and when she ate too much, I popped out!... POP!"

... chickens in the snow.
 and brand new tomato seeds. Spring is coming!... eventually.

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