Friday, April 17, 2015

Finally Springtime in Maine

Easter Sunday marked the first real day of spring for us up here; as it was the last day of sap season and the first day with the temperature above 50. I can't remember ever being so grateful for spring as I have these last few weeks it has been so long of a winter.
Here are some photos of our family enjoying the start of spring.

The traditional dyeing of Easter eggs.

Always such a looked forward tradition in our home.

Schoolwork by the fire as the last of the sap boils down. 

This was such a special moment last week when Little G sat down with Little S to give him a piano lesson.

He helped me make baked French toast this week, our new favorite breakfast food. He was so excited to handle the eggs himself... and get his hands messy in the photos below. 

We still have quite a lot of snow, but the kids were so excited this day to see the driveway clear so they could get out all of their transportation out and put them to use after the long winter.

We just love this kid.


One tough girlie.

Big box clubhouse.

Finishing a birthday cake for Daddy.

Happy birthday Daddy! We love him!
What a great birthday week and such a joy to have spring again!

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