Thursday, December 10, 2015

Homeschool Encouragement

This post dedicated to my sweet friend who sent me a message a few days ago that read:

Veteran Homeschooler, are my kids ever going to stop fighting me everyday every subject, over doing any schooling.. If not, can you please lie to me so I dont' quit, at the thought of the next 15 years...

My Dear Friend, The answer is --Yes and No;

There are days and seasons and whole years that suck, the kids fight you or sickness or life in general happens and you feel like you are failing. It is an uphill battle most days but remember, the feeling of failing part is mostly in your own mind; there is always going to be a constant battle going on between seeing only your supposed failure of what you think should be being accomplished (how your homeschool doesn't measure up) verses what actually is being accomplished (I think its more than we realize).

The biggest thing I've learned about homeschooling is that it's schooling for mom too. There are lessons to be learned everyday. For me it has been a marathon of learning, as a mom, how to be consistent but creative, fun but firm, mom and teacher all wrapped into one.

Learning how to be the motivator of 4 kids when I don't even have any motivation for myself... It is a very daily commitment and when your not that type of person (me) it can be agonizing at times. Its important to stick with what you know, I have to keep reminding myself why I am doing it, I have had to learn to make goals for my kids, and teach them how to follow through. You know what it is for me; its being put into school by God as my teacher so I can demonstrate and live out life for my kids; me as their example of what to do and sometimes what not to do.

God is the perfect teacher, when we ask him to be a part of our lives he does not waste anything, when I asked him to lead me in this homeschooling journey, I did not expect that he would not only using this thing called homeschooling to grow and teach my kids, He is using it to teach me things I didn't think I had to know; yes there is the obvious, grammar rules, my multiplication tables, etc. etc. But more importantly the hidden things of the heart -- of his heart, and how to rely on him to guide me in this daily thing. I am learning patience too. 

smile emoticon I have found that the years that were hardest, at the end of those years, looking back through their work, I've realized it wasn't as bad as I thought while we were going through it and they really did learn more than I thought. Its been so good to keep things the kids do throughout the year in a box or binder, even if it looks insignificant at the time. Take some time to compile a little memory book of their year. My kids love going through them from years past. A few months back, they spent a whole day just looking through their binders together and laughing. It was very encouraging. It was supposed to be a day of school But I just let them do it, they read stories and reports from years back, they looked at pictures they had drawn, 'I'm Sorry' cards that I  had made them write to each other, little treasures- like ticket stubs from concerts and different outings we went to. It was such treasure for me to watch.

Don't be afraid to take a day off, or do something different. Yes, we have to know and follow through with state regulations, but that can be done very creatively. I remember one mom, saying that they took a whole year and just read books together. There is so much that can be done hands on and in such a better way that typical classroom experience. The choice to stay at home and teach our kids is definitely not the easy choice, the more I do this homeschooling thing the more I realize that, but its so good at the same time. 

And that's the beauty of homeschooling we have such freedom to let them grow and become the people God wants them to be. However that may look, it doesn't have to LOOK like 'school' to be educational. Always remember, what works for one family isn't necessarily going to work for yours, Its okay to do things differently.  That what makes you -YOU. God has given you gifts. He wants to use those gifts in you in your kids. You as their mom knows what is working and not working and you have been given the insight to raise them and teach them in the way they should go, to help them develop the gifts that God has put into their little lives; like a seed just waiting to be watered and tending so it can grow and produce fruit. If you don't think you have that insight all you have to do is ask. What does His Word say? Seek and you will find, ask and it will be given, knock and the door will be opened. 

Love you, May God give you the wisdom you need for today and bless your homeschooling journey. <3smile emoticon God Bless your homeschooling journey. <3 
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