Friday, July 8, 2016

Rose Petal Honey

We live just miles from the most beautiful beach in Maine, in my opinion. There is a surrounding wall of wild roses that stretch the whole length of the beach enclosing the beach from the road.

Sea roses or Rosa Rugosa have the most beautiful scent, the air is filled with it, mixed with the scent of sand and surf. And there is a way to encapsulate that scent and remember it through the year.
The petals are completely edible and when preserved in honey, they infuse the honey with their rich scent. I have often wanted to drink the smell of the ocean, and it couldn't be more simple to accomplish.

I had to warm my raw honey because it was beginning to crystallize, 
make sure you have a clean organic source of petals, they do not need to be washed.

I put a loose layer of petals about an inch thick then cover them with the honey 
and repeated until my jars were filled. 
Cap the jars tightly and flip upside down for a day, then flip again the following day. 
Each day the rose petals will float to the top of the jar.
Repeat for 3-5 days. 
You can remove the petals after that time, but I just leave them in, honey preserves indefinitely. 

We separated the white petals from the pink to see if the color makes a difference in taste. We determined they definitely have a different flavor, the white has a more mild of a rose taste, where as the pink has a stronger perfume-y rose taste.

This can be used to sweeten tea, spread on fresh bread; my kids favorite little snack is homemade bread spread with coconut oil and rose petal honey, so good. 
Eaten right off the spoon is my favorite. 
I have not tried any other uses to see if the scent comes through in using it in baking, please share  with me if you find any other good things to do with it. 

A little bit of ocean in a jar.

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