Saturday, January 14, 2017

1st 365 project ~ 2nd week

This week was pretty much back to normal with homeschooling and life, 
it took me a little while after vacation this year.  

My husband took this photo of me and my buddy. I was so happy, I 've been wanting to be in the frame more. I am so proud of my littlest this week! he has just taken off with reading! He LOVES Frog and Toad! ...and he will not stop until the book is finished, what a transformation! There is such a joy when they really get it and not just get it, actually start enjoying it. For me it is one of the best parts of homeschooling. 

To see the rest of my family's photos this week please go here:

Saturday, January 7, 2017

My first 365 day project~ week 1

             I have neglected this blog the past year, I have been focusing mostly on photography starting a little business, so I can do what I love to do offering it to others. So as one of my goals this coming year is to do better on keeping up with what we do around here a little more, at least quarterly, on this blog and hopefully weekly I will post my photos from our week on my photography blog. 

So here is my favorite from this week (which was day 2) The kids were all huddled around my husband who was reading The Far Side to them. My son received the complete Far Side for Christmas and they all love it.
and heres a link to see the other pictures from our week

Wish me luck on finishing this personal project; 
to pick up my camera every day and document my family's year.
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