About our Family

We are a family of 6, who live in a small house in the woods, on the coast of Maine. I stay home in order to raise and teach our four children. We enjoy the simple things of life. We live frugally, I'm always looking for ways to do things by hand or old school style. We laugh a lot even when things get crazy. We love each other and the Lord Jesus Christ.

I have found myself, for the most part, sharing our accomplishments on here; not because I'm trying to appear to be a super mom, or show off my awesome kids but simply using this blog to rejoice in in the milestones, focusing on the things we are able to accomplish rather than focusing on the drudgery for all the world to see. I generally do choose to look at the beauty and fruit in our lives rather than the overflowing kitchen sink, whiny kids, and the never ending list of things I have to accomplish every day. Both are needed. I see this growing trend in the need to be overly real on blogs. I'm sorry, but if all the posts I made were about how dirty my refrigerator is and how I feel I am failing, I think I would get depressed mighty fast. You already know; life gets messy, and hectic, and emotional. I hope I can be an encouragement to you as join us in this crazy adventure called life, in both times of  joy and sorrow. Let us find reasons to rejoice and encourage each other!

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